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Updates to Letter-join Website
April 2017
Word Animator
The new Word Animator allows teachers to create animations of any word to replay to the class and for pupils to practise on interactive whiteboards.
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March 2017

New KS1 Dictation Exercises
A series of fun dictation exercises covering Years 1 and 2 common exception and high frequency words. There are 12 lists of spoken sentences which each lead on to a spoken paragraph using the same words.
New KS2 Dictation Exercises
Dictations of traditional poems and stories to help KS2 pupils improve their handwriting speed and note-taking.
January 2017
KS2 SPaG Worksheets
We have designed a series of worksheets covering spelling, punctuation and grammar topics for KS2 SATs. As well as providing excellent revision and homework sheets, the printouts also enhance pupils' cursive handwriting.

Click here to download an example.

March 2017
Handwriting Certificates

A series of colourful handwriting ceritificates each in three different sizes covering all abilities.

September 2016
The Letter-join Handwriting Manual
Download a PDF of our Handwriting Manual for all you need to know about using Letter-join at school.
April 2016
More worksheets for handwriting practice

Sequencing sentences for Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 to form short narratives.

Times tables printables in the Letter-join font from 2x to 12x. Look, trace and copy format. Look, trace and copy worksheets of lists of 100 words for Years 3-4 and Years 5-6.
Download example here > Download example here > Download example here >
December 2015

Control the speed of Animations

The animations showing the formation of words can now be slowed-down.

Any patterns, letters and words that are traced over on screen, whiteboard or tablet can now be saved and printed.

October 2015
IWB and Desktop Update
The Letter-join web site for IWB and desktop computers has been updated to include more fun and interactive elements. It will now include features developed from our iPad Edition including interactive, visually-rich practice screens to provide children with more fun at the IWB.
‘Magic words’ is a new section to the web site that includes colourful palettes where words can be typed to practice tracing over. For more interaction and fun, it features a simple star rated scoring system.

The ‘pop-up’ button duplicates a practice window on the whiteboard so that it can be lowered for younger pupils to write easily.
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September 2015

The Letter-join font can now be downloaded and used by all subscribers to the School Edition of Letter-join. The font will automatically use your school's chosen alternative letterforms.
The font can be used for:
Letters home to parents.
Spelling lists and homework sheets.

Classroom labels and signage.

* For use in MS Word 2010 onwards and other programmes that can switch on 'Contextual Alternates'.
April 2015
Subscribers to the School Edition of Letter-join can download a fully editable MS Word document of the Handwriting Policy to customise to suit their school's requirements.

Based on the National Curriculum requirments it is designed to help schools using Letter-join produce a concise and easy to read handwriting policy. Includes:

General handwriting philosophy.
Aims, methods and frequency.

Instructions for correct posture and pencil grip (including left-handed pupils).

Key stage timetable and targets.
Click here to download the PDF of the sample handwriting policy.
Subscribers to the School Edition of Letter-join will be able to download the MS Word document for editing and customisation.
March 2015
Using the familiar format of long ladder, curly caterpillar, one armed robot and zig zag letters.
New printout sheets of letter families
Each sheet lets you trace and copy each familiy of letters

Vibrant graphics to aid recognition

Will automatically select your school's choice of alternative letterforms
Click here to download a PDF of the NEW the Long Ladder Letters worksheet.
December 2014
The Tablet Edition of Letter-join has been launched which gives FREE access on iPads, Windows 8 and Android tablets with subscribers to the School Edition of Letter-join. Children can now practise cursive handwriting skills at their own pace using their finger or a stylus. Remember that there is no substitute for real handwriting practice and Letter-join includes a wide range of handwriting worksheets for all key stages; hundreds of ready-made printouts and a worksheet generator for producing your own.
Write your own words.
Uses your school's preferred letterforms.

Star marking system - the more accurate your tracing is, the more stars you get.

Three fun backgrounds: sand tray, rainbow effect and chalkboard.
July 2014
Prepare to meet the new 2014 National Curriculum requirements
Help teach your pupils to speed up their note-taking with a series of dictation exercises.
Easy CVC words and two-digit numbers for KS1 beginners
Phrases and a poem for KS2 in preparation for SATs

Challenging lists and stories for more advanced students

Click here to see an example of the new Dictation Exercises.

June 2014
iPad Edition
Pupils can now log in to Letter-join on their school iPads to watch the animations then trace the patterns, letters and words on the iPad for large scale handwriting practice. A score is given for the accuracy of each pattern, letter or word.
Existing and new subscribers to the School Edition of Letter-join can log in on up to 30 iPads per classroom.
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March 2014
To help meet the handwriting requirements, as stated in the new 2014 National Curriculum framework document, Letter-join now includes:
dictation exercises to teach speedy handwriting for quick notes
extra printouts for practising unjoined handwriting when labelling a diagram

New form-filling printouts

These new resources will be immediately available to all registered users.

Click here to see an example of the new Dictation Exercises which can help in learning to produce 'quick notes'.

April 2013
The Letter-join worksheet generator is now available to all Letter-join users.
The worksheet generator uses a specially designed typeface that matches the cursive letters used for the Letter-join animations. This means that you can create your own spelling lists, sentences and notices in cursive handwriting. Even your personal letter choices for f, k, w, x and z are used.
There are three sizes to choose from and you can show all the guidelines or just to show the baseline.
Click here to download the example shown to the right >
January 2013
New Alternative Letterforms for
'f' and 'w'
After feedback from a number of schools we have added a third alternative for the letter 'f' and a new variation for the letter 'w'.

Numbers and Symbols
Letter-join now includes a complete set of numbers each with an animation, IWB tracing activity and worksheets sheets in three sizes.

A new section on symbols includes all the common punctuation marks as well as mathematical and international monetary symbols. Again these are all animated with an IWB tracing activity and three sizes of worksheets.

July 2012
New scoring system
We have improved Letter-join, yet again, by adding a scoring system to the IWB practice screens. Now, when you trace over the patterns, letters and words, you are marked depending on your accuracy.

Click the button to try:

Please note: does not function if you are using Internet Explorer.

Practice the letter w
June 2012
Pangrams are sentences that use all the letters of the alphabet so they are ideal for handwriting practice. The printout sheet is in the smallest, natural handwriting size and has eight pangrams for copying and tracing.
It can be found under the Extra Resources button.
March 2012
Printed letters alphabet
Printed letters are best used for posters, label writing and headings. This new section of Letter-join lets you watch how each letter is written and practice writing it on the whiteboard. The whole alphabet can be printed out in three sizes for tracing and copying and there are three worksheets (shown right) for printed letter practice.

November 2011
Lined Writing Paper
This paper can be printed out and used for handwriting practice, project work or homework. They can be printed out in three sizes, and show guide rules for x-height, ascenders and decenders.
October 2011
Alphabet Display
You can now print out each letter of the alphabet as an A4 page which you can laminate and use as a classroom display. Alternatively, use a hole-punch and ask your students to thread string or ribbon through the holes. Great fine motor control practice!
September 2011
High Frequency Words
The words used in Letter-join have been carefully chosen to cover all the joining techniques used between letters. To supplement the practice worksheets we have produced a series of print-outs that contain 100 High Frequency Words.
The worksheets have been produced in three sizes with each word printed in grey for tracing over, and space on each line for copying.
The alternative letterforms you have chosen are automatically inserted into these worksheets.
Alphabet Sheet
We have produced an A4 sheet showing all the lower-case letters in cursive style, and all of the alphabet in capitals. This can be printed out and used for reference by students and teachers at school and by students and their parents/carers at home.
May 2011
Capital letters
The first thing thant most children learn to write is their names, so we have introduced a new section for capital letters.
These use the same mehods as lowercase letters allowing you to watch how the letter is written, practice on the whiteboard, and print out worksheets for real handwriting practice.
New lower case 'k'
A number of teachers told us that they use a different letterform for the letter 'k', so we have produced an alternative.
Easier letter selection
With this update we have also introduced a new page for selecting your preferred letterforms.
Your current selection for 'f', 'x' and 'z' will be remembered, but if you decide to use the new 'k', please click the Information button at the bottom left of each page and click on the 'Change Letterforms' link.
More voice-overs
In the Words sections we have added a voice-over which speaks each word before the animation is shown. Children now hear the word they are writing.
* Based on 7 classrooms.
£100 one-off registration fee also payable.