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Letter-join is an on-line resource for teaching cursive handwriting at school
and at home. It uses interactive animations to demonstrate joined-up letter formation and hundreds of worksheets for real handwriting practice.
School edition
* Based on 7 classrooms.
£100 one-off registration fee also payable.
I have been busy collecting handwriting samples from teachers, showing progression over the course of the year and I am absolutely delighted with the results. The P2s also started this term and have picked it up really quickly.
Siobhan, P7 teacher, Belfast
Super improvement in our handwriting due to Letter-join. Fantastic!
Miss King,
Battyeford Primary
As a private tutor, I teach children of all ages. I have used Letter-join for both Key Stage 1 children who were learning cursive script at school, and Key Stage 2 children who needed to tidy up their handwriting.
Sarah, private tutor
Every since I discovered Letter-join on the BETT stand our Primary teachers have been using it on the smartboard. They are very enthusiastic about the quality and yet simplicity that Letter-join offers.
Michiel, ICT coordinator
Thanks again, can't believe how fast you respond!
Really pleased with the whole package, making life much easier!
Fran, reception teacher, Lancashire
Jack and Daisy have been doing half an hour cursive letter writing practice each evening. We use the Letter-join program . . . which has really encouraged both of them to join in willingly.
Jayne B. - mother to Jack and Daisy
I think it's an amazing resource and the only thing close to the cursive script we use at our school.
Clare, Literacy Co-ordinator, Brighton
Elsie was awarded her handwriting pen today. Five months ago, in her old school, she was the cleverest in her class with the worst handwriting. Since joining the new school, with, I believe the aid of Letter-join and good teaching, she's the second in her class to get the handwriting pen!
Kathi, mum to Year 4 girl, Budleigh Salterton
Free access for pupils at home!
Subscribe to Letter-join for your school and your pupils get a free log-in to use Letter-join at home on their PCs and tablets.
Letter-join is now available to use on iPads, Windows 8 and Android tablets. Pupils can watch and practice cursive handwriting on their tablets before practicing their real handwriting on one of the hundreds of printable worksheets.
Try Letter-join on a desktop computer to see how it works . . .
Click on the buttons below to try samples of Letter-join's animations with audio, whiteboard practice facility and practice print-out sheets. Subscribing to Letter-join will give you one year's on-line access to the complete range of Patterns, lower-case Letters and Words, the full set of ready-made worksheets and two worksheet generator options.
Pre-cursie handwriting patterns
Click to try Patterns
Click to try Letters
Click to try Words
Letter-join at a glance
Ideal for pre-school, primary and junior school children (Foundation, KS1 and KS2) and SEN, and fullfils all the requirements of the UK National Curriculum.
Instant on-line access through recommended internet browsers
Ideal for whole-class teaching using interactive whiteboards*
Comprehensive range of ready-made worksheets for real handwriting practice
Worksheet generators for making your own cursive handwriting printouts
Alternative methods for writing the letters ‘f’, 'k', 'w', ‘x’ and ‘z’
School subscriptions include free tablet access with extra touch-screen activities
Includes capital letters, printed letters, numbers and punctuation.
Letter-join fonts available to school subscribers for use in MS Word.
Home/School subscription allows pupils and their parents to access Letter-join at home
Letter-join can be used when teaching continuous cursive script from pre-school level, or when children learn to join up letters at a later age. It is also beneficial to children with special educational needs and adult learners including ESL and basic skills training.
Recently added resources to help with handwriting practice
We are constantly adding to the Letter-join web site. Our most recent updates include:
Free access to Letter-join for pupils at home on PCs and tablets with School subscriptions.
New updated Desktop Edition with more whiteboard interactivity. Find out more >
Letter-join font for schools to use in Microsoft Word including a pre-cursive font.
A generic Handwriting Policy for schools to adapt to their own purposes.
New 'Letter Family' printout sheets: long ladder, curly caterpillar, one-armed robot and zig-zag.
iPad Edition launched in Summer 2014 for all existing and new school users: extended to include Windows 8 and Android tablets in December 2014.
Dictation and form-filling exercises to meet the new 2014 National Curriculum requirements.
Online worksheet generator for producing your own cursive handwriting worksheets.
Additional alternative letterforms for the letter 'f' and a new alternative for the letter 'w'.
Animations and worksheets for numbers, punctuation and mathematical symbols.
IWB scoring system: trace over the patterns, letters and words on the whiteboard and see how well you've done!
A Printed Letters section demonstrating the alphabet in a printed format. All the letters are animated with the option of practicing them on the IWB. There are printable worksheets in 3 sizes for the printed alphabet and a set of 'labelling' worksheets suitable for all ages and abilities.
Lined writing paper with guide rules in three sizes.
Classroom banner - 24 A4 sheets to print out, each with a letter of the alphabet.
100 high frequency words printout sheets in three sizes for tracing and copying.
A4 alphabet sheet with all the characters in lower-case cursive and capital letters.
Find out more about our updates here >
The Letter-join package: Animated instructions, Whiteboard practice*, Print-out sheets
Animated handwriting diaplay Interactive whiteboard handwriting Printable handwriting worksheets
1. Animated instructions
Letter-join animations include:
Patterns (the building blocks for letter construction)
Individual lower-case Letters with their joining ‘hooks’
Capital letters
Words, covering techniques in joining individual lower-case characters.

Patterns are drawn with accompanying sounds to aid recall, Letter are described as they are written and Words are spoken before being written.

2. Whiteboard practice*
A moveable, pop-up window can be displayed where each Pattern, Letter and Word can be traced-over and rubbed-out using the whiteboard pen.
Designed for whole-class teaching, it encourages individual participation and is good for practising gross motor skills before progressing to the practice print-out sheets.
Each screen includes a 'scoring system' so children know how well they are doing.
3. Print-out worksheets
A range of ready-made worksheets for all of the Patterns, Letters and Words. Pattern practice sheets have lines of patterns for tracing over, as well as a picture to 'colour-in'. The 3 sizes of Letters and Words worksheets show lines of letters and words for tracing and copying.
On-line Worksheet Generator lets you produce your own cursive handwriting worksheets using the Letter-join font.
See the Print-out sheets
Try out samples from each section of Letter-join
Variable letterforms
You can select your preferred letterforms for f, k, w, x and z.
Your choice will be remembered once you've decided, but can be changed at a later date.
Alternative letterforms for f, x and z
2014 National Curriculum
New resources have been added to support the handwriting requirements as specified in the new 2014 National Curriculum. Find out more >

See an example of the new Dictation Exercises which can help in learning to produce 'quick notes'.

Click here to see example >

Subscribing to Letter-join is easy!
Same day access by completing the on-line form. Choose to be invoiced or pay with our
secure on-line payment facility with a credit/debit card through
The Home Edition is ideal for individual learning on personal computers.

The School Edition includes an interactive whiteboard facility and tablet access for whole class participation as well as home access for your pupils on PCs and tablets.

Buying one year's access includes automatic updates and additions to Letter-join.
Letter-join's practice sheets can be printed out as many times as required, or can be photocopied for whole classroom use.
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* The interactive whiteboard facility is only available on the School Edition of Letter-join.
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