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Developed in schools
Letter-join has been developed in conjunction with a junior school that begins teaching cursive script in reception classes, and encourages feeder nurseries to adopt the same pedagogy.
The school has tested out the program at its various stages, and has contributed widely to its development.
Teachers have praised the program for its ease of use, the interactive whiteboard facility, and for the practice print-out sheets which provide one of the few printed resources for joined-up handwriting at Key Stage 1.
Children at nursery school respond positively to the Patterns section of the program which includes fun sounds as an aid to memory. Letter-join gives them the ideal grounding for moving on to handwriting at primary school.
The makers of Letter-join also consulted a private tutor who used the program for a Key Stage 2 pupil with special educational needs. The pupil responded well to the sounds and verbal instructions in the program and leapt forward in handwriting style and neatness.
Teachers' testimonials
"Super improvement in our handwriting due to Letter-join. Fantastic!"

Year 4 Adverts, Battyeford Primary School.

"Look at the impact of the new handwriting scheme!
So impressed we'll buy a version for you to use at home"

Battyeford Primary School via Twitter
"I have been busy collecting handwriting samples from teachers, showing progression over the course of the year and I am absolutely delighted with the results. The P2s also started this term and have picked it up really quickly."
Siobhan, P7 teacher, Belfast
"We subscribed to Letter-join a week or so ago for our infant classes. We can now see that there are also a lot of resources suitable for our KS2 pupils. Can you please let me know costs to add a further 3 classrooms."
Mrs. Bold, Headteacher, Derbyshire.
"Your cursive letter formation looks lovely. I have downloaded the free trial and will be sharing the details with other staff. I'm sure this is the right program for our school."
Mrs Banham, Literacy coordinator, Leeds.
"My school has recently trialled Letter-join and we are very impressed with it. I am very interested in buying ot for our school. Can you please let me know costs."
This school subsequently subscribed for 14 classroom accounts and are in their 3rd year of subscribing to Letter-join.
Ms Walsh, Liverpool.
"Every since I discovered Letter-join on the BETT stand our Primary teachers have been using it on the smartboard. They are very enthusiastic about the quality and yet simplicity that Letter-join offers."
Michiel, ICT coordinator, Netherlands.
"Our handwriting policy is to introduce cursive script to reception classes, and there were so few suitable resources. I have been involved in the development of Letter-join from an early stage and its great to see such a polished final product."
Maggie, reception teacher, Kent.
"As a private tutor I teach children of all ages. I have used Letter-join for both Key Stage 1 children who were learning cursive script, and Key Stage 2 children who needed to tidy up their handwriting."
Sarah, private tutor.
"Letter-join uses a much more natural font than other handwriting resources."
Mr B, Deputy Head.
"Thanks again, can't believe how fast you respond! Really pleased with the whole package, making life much easier!"
Fran, reception teacher, Lancashire
"Letter-join is useful, user-friendly resource which is enjoyed by the children."
Mrs R, Reception teacher.
"We learn best when we're having fun, and Letter-join is fun!"
Mrs L, KS1 Manager.
Parents' Testimonials
"Jack and Daisy have been doing half an hour cursive letter writing practice each evening. We use the Letter-join program to demonstrate how each letter is made and this has really encouraged both of them to join in willingly. Anything IT based seems to appeal to them. We do one line of three different letters and then make a word of the three chosen letters and copy this out across one line.
"I have also printed out some of the worksheets for them to have a look at and copy over. For both children, their writing has noticeably improved over just the last couple of weeks and they ask me when we can start the practice (bless them).
"All in all, this is a very useful program."
Jayne B. - mother to Jack and Daisy
* Based on 7 classrooms.
£100 one-off registration fee also payable.