Letter-join Tablet Edition provides interactive handwriting activities for practice at home and school.

Letter-join's Tablet Edition lets pupils have fun in the classroom and at home whilst practising their joined-up handwriting.
Pupils can watch the instructional animations then trace the patterns, letters and words on their tablets for large scale handwriting practice. Pupils can also type their own words and which can be traced over on a choice of fun backgrounds such as a virtual sand tray. A simple star scoring system is used as a reward.
Each school's preferred letterforms will be automatically selected for the Tablet Edition so pupils are using the same letterforms at home.
The Letter-join Tablet Edition is included for free with all school subscriptions.
It is designed to run on iPads, Windows 8 and Android tablets.
iPad and Tablet Compatibility
iPads (8 inch and bigger) running iOS7 through the Safari browser.
Windows 8 tablets (8 inch and bigger) using the built-in browser.
Android tablets (8 inch and bigger) using Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
School account holders can have to have up to 30 Letter-join Tablet logins per classroom.
Logging in to Letter-join on your Tablet
If you have a subscription to the School Edition of Letter-join please see your school's Letter-join Administrator for your Tablet login details.