We are constantly adding new resources to Letter-join, many suggested by our subscribing schools.

April 2018
New! Classroom Word Banks
The Letter-join Word Animator can now be used on a class by class basis to create and save word banks of animated words. We’ve also added a feature that automatically creates spelling lists from any Letter-join word bank.

This is ideal for weekly homework spelling lists or project word banks.

Automatically create a ‘Look, Trace and Copy’ spelling list from any Letter-join word bank in the new on-line Word Processor. Designed for teachers wishing to use the Letter-join fonts WITHOUT downloading them it includes templates to create cursive spelling lists and classroom presentations.

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February 2018
Handwriting Lesson Planner: Module 2
Module 2 of the Handwriting Lesson Planner, is for teaching how to write capital letters, printed letters, numbers and symbols using Letter-join’s on-line and printed resources.

It is available to download as a PDF by all subscribing schools.

Module 2 is divided into 65 lessons:
1) Capital letters - 25 lessons
2) Printed letters - 25 lessons
3) Numbers, punctuation marks and symbols - 15 lessons

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November 2017
Handwriting Lesson Planner
Letter-join is pleased to announce the new 30 page Handwriting Lesson Planner: Module 1 for pre-cursive patterns and continuous cursive, lower case letters. It can be downloaded by subscribing schools who wish to follow a structured handwriting lesson plan.

Module 1 starts with Getting Ready for Handwriting: warm-up exercises, sitting position and tripod pencil grip.

This first module has been divided into three sections covering:
1) Pre-cursive patterns - 20 lessons
2) Easy letters & words - 25 lessons
3) Harder letters & words - 25 lessons

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April 2017
Word Animator
By popular request from teachers we are proud to add the Word Animator to Letter-join. Designed for teachers to use at the whiteboard the Word Animator records a word as it is traced. The animations can be saved to a word bank which can then be replayed and practised by pupils on IWBs.
March 2017
New KS1 Dictation Exercises
A series of fun dictation exercises covering Years 1 and 2 common exception and high frequency words.
There are 12 lists of spoken sentences which each lead on to a spoken paragraph using the same words.
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January 2017
KS2 SPaG Worksheets
We have designed a series of worksheets covering spelling, punctuation and grammar topics for KS2 SATs. As well as providing excellent revision and homework sheets, the printouts also enhance pupils' cursive handwriting.
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