Letter-join contains a huge amount of handwriting resources including interactive features for IWBs, PCs and tablets as well as worksheets that use your pre-selected letterforms. Letter-join's cursive fonts are also included in school subscriptions.

A Letter-join school subscription includes:
Whole class teaching resources
Letter-join is ideally suited for displaying on IWBs for whole class teaching. The web site is easy to use with all resources easily accessible: animations, IWB tracing activities and access to all of the worksheets.
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Interactive animations
Letter-join includes animations of all the letters of the alphabet with a spoken commentary on how to write each letter. Patterns, Letters and Words can all be watched and traced on-screen. Magic Words lets you trace over your own words on a number of exciting backgrounds and Custom Words lets you input your own words, replay the video and trace over the words for IWB practice.
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Handwriting Lesson Planner: Module 1
Letter-join is pleased to announce the new 30 page Handwriting Lesson Planner: Module 1 for pre-cursive patterns and continuous cursive, lower case letters. It can be downloaded by subscribing schools who wish to follow a structured handwriting lesson plan.
A second module will be launched soon.
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Home Access
Included with every School Subscription is access to Letter-join for pupils at home. A simple log-in allows pupils and their parents to access the Letter-join web site on their PCs and tablets. This is particularly good for new joiners where parents might be unfamiliar with cursive handwriting.
All of Letter-join’s resources are available at home including the worksheet generator, Magic Words and Custom Words.
Letter-join fonts included
School staff can create homework sheets, newsletters, posters, displays and labels in MS Word using the Letter-join fonts. Cursive and pre-cursive versions can be downloaded by all subscribers to Letter-join’s School Edition. The font will use the same letterforms that you have chosen for on-screen activities.
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Choice of letterforms
Letter-join offers a choice of alternative letterforms for the letters f, k, w, x and z. Your choices will be used across all of the resources. These include animations of cursive letters and words with associated worksheets, Magic Words and Custom Words, the worksheet generators and the Letter-join fonts.
Ready-made worksheets
Letter-join contains a large variety of worksheets and printouts in PDF format to help with learning and practising handwriting. These will all use your school’s preferred letterforms for cursive f, k, w, x and z. All worksheets are freely available on the 30 day trial.
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Make your own word animations
The Word Animator is a great new resource allowing teachers to create word animations using Letter-join’s cursive font. Custom words can be traced, saved to a classroom word bank, replayed and practised by pupils on IWBs. You can now practice the correct way to write any word!
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Handwriting manual
To help get schools started we send all classroom teachers our 40-page guide to using Letter-join. It has all the information you need on managing your classroom accounts and ideas and suggestions for each of the Key Stages as well as a full list of Letter-join's resources.
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New KS1 Dictation Exercises
A series of fun dictation exercises covering Years 1 and 2 common exception and high frequency words. There are 12 lists of spoken sentences which each lead on to a spoken paragraph using the same words.
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Editable Handwriting Policy
Letter-join includes a curriculum-based handwriting policy. It is supplied in MS Word format to school subscribers and can be easily edited to quickly produce a personalised handwriting policy for your school.
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