May 2024
Left-handed guidance


The Letter-join Team have created a document complete with useful tips and handwriting support for your left-handed learners. Packed full of practical guidance for making the appropriate provision for left-handed children, such as how to:


• recognise the needs and challenges of left-handed pupils

• model left-handed writing

• practise the correct pencil grip

• sit and position the paper correctly


Some practical help right from the start can make a huge difference to the learning outcomes of left-handed children.

To see this document, click here:


Letter-join’s Guide to Provision for Left-handed Writers



March 2024
Joining practice

Take a look at these the new additions to Letter-join resources for joining techniques - double and tricky letters!

Your pupils can polish their letter joining skills by watching the animations in the Word Banks and tracing them on IWBs and tablets before completing the worksheets for real handwriting practice.

Now teachers can choose from a collection of fun handwriting practice tasks, from how to join letters horizontally and diagonally, to practising double letters and other tricky joins.


All the resources are available in the Letter-join Lead-in or No-Lead font to suit your school’s preferred handwriting style.


To find these new resources, select ‘More …’ and then ‘Joins’ from a Classroom page.

June 2023
Word processor font issues?
Many schools are updating to Google Docs and Online Microsoft Office software suites.
Whichever brand is chosen, the Letter-join web site is fully optimised to run seamlessly in all latest browsers.
To date, the latest online word processors from both companies, have no function to use fonts from an external source. This means Letter-join fonts cannot be installed on their word processor packages.

he Letter-join Online Word Processor included in your Letter-join subscription is the perfect alternative! 

The Online Word Processor can be found under the Resources tab. Any of the Letter-join fonts can be selected and your school’s alternative letters for f, k, w, x and z will be automatically used.

Watch this video to see how to easily create documents and worksheets.
May 2024
Summer term handwriting activities
Check out these fun handwriting activities from Letter-join for the summer term

Step into summer with Letter-join’s cheerful and colourful, summer–themed handwriting worksheets:

  • On the beach
  • How to build a sandcastle
  • Summer poem
  • Summer morning
  • Bucket and Spade list
  • My New Teacher
  • Thank you note

To find these, just type ‘summer’ into the Search bar.

And why not introduce some seasonal ‘summer’ words using Letter-join’s Word of the Week template. As well as handwriting practice, children can explore new and unfamiliar words to help them use more adventurous and exciting language in their writing.

Here are some summer vocabulary suggestions: humidity, balmy, sultry, quench, oppressive…