July 2023
New PowerPoint

An editable presentation to use for your school’s handwriting workshop

Designed for teachers to present to parents and carers to support their children at home, this new Letter-join teacher resource covers all the basics in learning handwriting using the Letter-join Handwriting Scheme. It explains:


• how your school uses Letter-join to achieve national expectations in handwriting

• your school’s chosen handwriting style

• how to log in to Letter-join at home

• how to use Letter-join at home and support children’s learning


The PowerPoint slides are editable enabling teachers to add their school details, logos and chosen handwriting styles. Each slide comes with teacher’s notes and useful suggestions on how to deliver the presentation.


Also included is a page of supplementary notes as guidance for teachers when showing parents how to make the most of the Letter-join at home when logged into a Pupil Account.

The PowerPoint presentation and Guidance Notes can be downloaded by 
logging in to a Letter-join Classroom Account, clicking the ‘Info’ button and selecting ‘Instruction Guides’ where you will find links to the Handwriting Workshop resources.

June 2023
Word processor font issues?
Many schools are updating to Google Docs and Online Microsoft Office software suites.
Whichever brand is chosen, the Letter-join web site is fully optimised to run seamlessly in all latest browsers.
To date, the latest online word processors from both companies, have no function to use fonts from an external source. This means Letter-join fonts cannot be installed on their word processor packages.

he Letter-join Online Word Processor included in your Letter-join subscription is the perfect alternative! 

The Online Word Processor can be found under the Resources tab. Any of the Letter-join fonts can be selected and your school’s alternative letters for f, k, w, x and z will be automatically used.

Watch this video to see how to easily create documents and worksheets.
October 2023
Newly updated

Letter-join’s Handwriting Assessment Tracker Pack has been designed in line with National Curriculum targets for handwriting. It provides a complete scheme for assessing pupils’ progression in handwriting skills from Early Years to Year 6.

The pack contains:

• An individual attainment checklist for each child to track their handwriting development as they move through the school.

• Supporting assessment tasks which can be used as a record of each child’s progress.

As with many of Letter-join’s resources, this pack is designed to be flexible. Teachers can print out the resources included in the reference document or use their own assessment tasks, as appropriate.

Using this pack

Handwriting Assessment Tracker: Pupil Record Sheets

For each child, print out one copy of the 6-page Record Sheets document. This will travel with the child from Early Years to Year 6, with the class and teacher names being added each year.

The tasks in this document are for each child to complete, although teachers may choose to use their own assessment tasks, if preferred.

Teacher’s Reference Document for Handwriting Assessment Tracker

The Reference document can be viewed online or one copy printed out for each year group. The Teacher’s Reference Document provides useful resources and tasks to help staff assess each child’s handwriting, although alternative tasks may be used if preferable.

November 2023
Christmas words
Christmas Word Banks are now available and ready to use

Find these in Letter-join’s Fun section. Teachers can select a bank of ready-made seasonal words from three different levels on the pull-down list with lead-in, no-lead or printed letters for children to practise at school or at home.

Great for building and improving your class’s vocabulary and sparking their interest for seasonal activities.

Children choose ‘Watch’ to see the word being written on a whiteboard or tablet and then ‘Try’ to trace over the words.

For further practice click on the ‘Activities’ option to:

• automatically produce a look, trace and copy spelling list using all the words in the seasonal word bank.

• produce a word search using a selection of words from the bank which can be completed online or printed for real handwriting practice.