Letter-join includes hundreds of ready-made practice sheets to accompany each of the animations as well as worksheets for each of the school key stages. These include statutory word lists, SATs revision worksheets, cloze exercises, sequencing sentences, pangrams, times tables, French vocabulary, labelling and form-filling exercises. Worksheets will be printed using the Letter-join font chosen by the class teacher.

Ready-made worksheets
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Worksheet Generator
The worksheet generator produces your own handwriting worksheets using your chosen alternative letterforms. The heart of the generator is a newly designed font that replicates the handwriting style used on the Letter-join website.
Spelling Lists
In three sizes with options to show all the guidelines or the baseline only.
Sentence Sheets
In three sizes with options to hide or show guidelines and with trace or trace and copy options.
Letter-join On-line Word Processor
Use anywhere on any machine! The Letter-join on-line Word Processor allows you to create and save documents using the Letter-join fonts without having to download the fonts onto your computer. This is especially useful if you do not have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

It includes templates to create look, trace and copy spelling lists and presentation pages.

Spelling list template
Make manual spelling lists or create them automatically from a classroom Word Bank.

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On-screen Presentation template
Create an on-screen display which can include images and videos from the internet.
Letter-join fonts
Letter-join Plus, our standard font, is used as the default font.
Any of the other fonts can be selected on a classroom basis via the Info button.
The fonts will be used for all resources, worksheets, games and activities.

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